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Divorce Matters

Sep 20, 2021

Frank Hand was blindsided by the family court system in New York. His lawyers didn't do him any favors and took a lot of money from him.  

Frank discusses his story and what he went to. He finally had to recuse the attorney general and a judge to move his case forward. 

  • False allegations and Domestic Violence 
  • Getting...

Jul 28, 2021

How Brent fought pro-se against a San Jose Divorce Crime Family and their ecosystem, and used an AI to gain an advantage.

Learn how Brent Oster filed a RICO using AI to gather evidence and support. This is not a podcast you want to miss. 

"A judicial system when one human decides is always corrupt, and has been since...

Jun 22, 2021

Richard and I discuss controlling the courtroom and removal of bad judges. Join Richard at

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What is your story?
My background was in film and entertainment. By accident, iI got caught up in a legal situation that forced me to investigate...

Jun 19, 2021

Lisa Goodpaster discusses how to identify and reverse parental alienation. If you're a victim of parental alienation, than this podcast episode is for you. 


Here’s the link for free 10 signs of Parental alienation
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May 26, 2021

Mark Reel is owner of Reel Father's Rights and has been through the system. He was treated so badly that he went to law school to learn how to fight back. 

Mark discusses how to win at Pro Se, what to avoid and why fathers are held to a different standard. 

Angry text messages are now considered domestic abuse